Mental Health in the Workplace – for Managers – No 1

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Managers in a business are essential to implement the four primary functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. By using the four functions, managers work to increase
the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees, processes, projects, and organizations.

Promoting Mental Health in the workplace is the start of building a healthy , productive and happy workforce.

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Having a Mental Health program in place by the business / organisation and having skilled managers in place are key to promoting well-being. Our Pillars of Wellness section on our website provides some insight on Well-being in the workplace.

Having a productive, healthy, and high-performance team is achievable by managers who are engaged in their workers well-being. Having a manager trained in Workplace Mental Health gives them the edge to spot any mental health issues and provide support so that workers can be empowered and thrive in the workplace.

Managers engaged with their teams and having effective conversations with team members enables them to know the individuality of each team member. Management role is to  grow the investment made by the organisation of the human assets they have engaged to  grow and sustain the business.

“Managers who promote mental health  and well-being in the workplace increase their  productivity, reduce conflicts, absenteeism and presenteeism, reduce turn backs, improve the quality of their output and have their teams performing at their optimum capacity.” – Mike Scott

The stigma associated with mental health remains a major obstacle to the effective diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. It can prevent employees from talking to colleagues or managers about their problems because they fear discrimination. It may even prevent them from acknowledging to themselves that they have a problem.

As a manager of a team you are not expected to be a medical expert to solve your teams mental health conditions but by recognizing the signs, understanding what actions you can take and having an environment where your team can talk confidentially with you. Having privacy and you assuring them without having any stigma attached , the fear of reprisals for them, will set you  apart as a manager who, not only  cares for their team, but is also a productive force in the sustainability and success of the organisation.

Striking the balance

Striking the balance between higher productivity and robust mental health is tricky, and it relies on strong understanding by organisations, and by well-trained line managers in  particular, about how to create and maintain the conditions that support and encourage good mental health, and to recognize signs of ill health and provide appropriate support.


Positively managing mental health in the Workplace underpins good employee engagement and benefits everyone – if employees feel valued and supported, they will achieve more. Everyone should have the opportunity to work, whatever their mental health. Mental ill health is common and most of us will either experience it, have experienced it, or know someone else who has experienced it. Mental ill health touches us all and should not be a barrier to treating people fairly, with respect and understanding.

So, come and take a journey with us as we partner with you to achieve a better state of well-being for you, your team, and the wider community.

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